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About the conference

NOLAN, the Nordic Latin American Research Network, is pleased to announce its 5th conference, to be held at the University of Copenhagen in 2010, 10-12 November. The conference is hosted by the Danish Network for Research on Latin America, LA-net. We invite scholars from the Nordic countries and the rest of the world from a broad range of disciplines and theoretical perspectives to discuss themes such as:

  • New forms of democracy and political cultures.
  • The Political Ecology of extractivism: Social conflicts over access and control with natural resources in Latin America.
  • National and local responses to climate policies and regulatory instruments.
  • Civil society organisations, new and old social movements.
  • Local responses to global challenges.
  • Changing visions of collective identities.
  • New narratives of the nation and other identity forms.
  • Representation of changing realities in literature, film, popular culture etc.
  • Migration and the emergence of new communities in LA and USA

Other topics for work-shops and individual presentations are welcome.

The conference takes place on the background of a decade of intense and radical changes in the political map of Latin America. New social movements, including indigenous people's movements, the growing strength of both a moderate and a radical left are just some of the most visible manifestations of a process of profound changes. Politics and political culture as well as identities are being transformed. Economic strategies are undergoing important changes - neoliberal strategies are being challenged by an increasing role of the state as economic actor in a number of countries. While recognizing the enormous importance of these processes, it is equally important to acknowledge that they are extremely complex and that their results by no means are given in advance. Utopia is not necessarily round the corner!

As a whole, Latin America is now, 200 years after the independence revolutions, 100 years after the Mexican revolution and 50 years after the Cuban revolution, more than ever, a fascinating and necessary object of study. So, we invite scholars from all disciplines to participate in the Nolan Conference in Copenhagen, November 2010.